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Mobile Application Development Service

We offer mobile application development based on the Ionic-framework. Using Ionic, it becomes easier to develop hybrid apps for mobile phones. Using various web tools and languages such as Angular, Typescript, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, you can create mobile applications for different platforms.

Examples of our developments can be seen below in the gallery.

How long will it take to create applications?

Development usually takes place from three to nine months (and longer, if necessary, depending on the customer’s requirements).

The scope and functions of the application are reflected in the duration of the mobile application development process.

Mobile application development process

During the development of a mobile application, the Customer and the Developer interact. The process itself consists of several stages, a brief description of which is given below.

Development strategy

The mobile app development process starts with understanding why a mobile app might be a good solution to a problem and then deciding what to build and how to build it.

During the strategy phase, you set your application's goals and success metrics, research your customers' needs, and identify users and use cases for your application.

It is at this stage that they also begin to think about the marketing steps associated with launching the application.

Development planning

At the planning stage, the parameters of the mobile application development process are agreed upon: technology, timing, cost.

Now the Customer has an idea of what mobile application will be created and what technology will be used.

At this stage, they decide which functions will be created, in what order and by what date. Establish milestones and develop a project plan that will allow you to meet the planned deadlines.

Application design

The appearance, capabilities and functions of a mobile application begin to take shape at the design stage.

At this stage, user interaction scenarios are compiled, user interfaces and application states are designed in various user interaction scenarios.

By agreement with the Client, at this stage the Developer can create a prototype and provide recommendations on the creation of the user interface to conduct a proof of concept or collect customer feedback at an early stage. This is how viable applications are developed.

Application development

Application development refers to the software development phase. This is the stage at which the Developer establishes the technical architecture, the technologies used (including the interface, server part, database, APIs, etc.), defines the main stages, the development cycle and implements the programming of the application.

Application testing

Testing is an important stage in the mobile application development process. Without testing, you can't be sure it will work as expected by users and work in the environment where it's deployed.

At this stage, they provide quality control by creating test cases to evaluate the usability, performance, stability and security of the application on all devices on which it is intended.

Application stress testing is also performed when necessary to ensure that the application architecture can scale to meet unexpectedly high demand.

Launching the application

The final stage of the mobile application development process is launch. Once the application is deployed, support should be provided to customers using it, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the mobile application should be carried out to ensure that the application is available and working as expected.

Marketing campaigns and activities aimed at encouraging application adoption often coincide with this stage.

As the application is used, the Customer may decide to make improvements or changes to the application, which will require additional work by the Developer.

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